Thursday, April 2


Here are couple word tidbits from this week:

Jack was asked to write down his three favorite words and bring them to school. He and his class are learning about "expanding their vocabulary". Being the stellar mom that I am, did this homework assignment with jack in the car prior to school on wednesday (stop the condemning look right now was a rough morning). Here is how it went:

Mom: Jack what are the three favorite
words that you would like me to write down?

Jack: (slightly annoyed and rolling his eyes)
Mom! that is such an important question, I can't just choose
any three words..give me time to think.

Mom: okay, think for a minute.

(5 minutes pass with all kinds of groans and under the
breath noises happening in the back seat)

Jack: Alright mom, do you have the pen ready.
I have my words.

Mom: Go ahead, I am ready

Jack: Now mom these are big words
so just do your best to spell them. Okay?

Mom: Okay.

Jack: My words are: particular,
ordinary, and investment.

Alright then...

On the Max front: Max is attempting to use new words as well. Right now they are more like tonal noises that really only trained mom ears can decipher but he is trying at least. Added this week to his repartee:

all done, let's go, please, toast, what happen.

Soon he will be talking so all can understand..but for now I am loving his language.