Sunday, April 5

Spring Sprung...

..and we took the opportunity to enjoy it. Here in the northwest the last few months have been several shades of gray with more snow then usual. Our house, and especially Jack, have been craving some sun-filled days. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful and we decided to dust off some things that have not seen the light of day in some time and to enjoy the spring days to their fullest.

Jack tried his hand at riding his bike with no training wheels. While we still have a long way to go, it is so much more fun to ride in the warm sun then during overcast intermitten rain showers. I am confident that in no time he will be riding all around the neigborhood.

Max loved being outside, barefoot and throwing around the baseball. Max loves to throw and loves all things ball so he was a very happy camper.

Jon decided it was the time to uncover and scrub down the grill. We enjoyed a delicous dinner of bbq hamburgers, fries and watermelon. Good dinners are just around the corner now that the grill is clean and ready to go.

I was thrilled to throw my superwhite legs into shorts and flip flops. They are my favorite attire and I don't care if the temp doesn't lend itself to shorts...if the sun is out....I want to be in shorts and flipflops.

The boys and I ended our weekend with more watermelon... they love melon, and a great evening fireside at my parents house. When we got back into the car Jack said to me " I am so happy that it is I can really start having a fun life". Oh, matter the whether we have a great life...but I do agree the sun is nice.