Tuesday, April 7

Zoo fun in the Sun

The beautiful weather continued and so Monday the boys and I ventured to the Zoo for the first time this season. The sun was out, the air was warm and we all had on our short. According to Jack: it was a good day. This was Max's first trip the zoo. HE LOVED the animals. He especially loved the Meerkats and the Lemurs. Jack once again could not get enough of the outdoor jungle gym. It was a such a fun day in the sun.

Checking out the meerkats. Max loved that they would play with balls.

Jack loved being the real spider man on this gigantic spiderweb.

Max easily spent 10 minutes laying inside this whale while kids climbed all over the top.

Max loved finding the fish. He squealed each time they came by.

Jack and his best superhero serious face. Climbing is serious business.

This is a great little bucket that spins kids around. Max kept asking for more.