Monday, May 11

Mother's Day 09

Mother's day began in typical mother of a preschool 6:45 am with a card shoved in my face while I was still dead asleep. Jack then sat on top of me saying "open it, open it", So at 6:47 I opened a great card from Jack. Jon then sweetly rolled over and said that he and Jack would run to Starbucks to get me coffee and breakfast. (now stop right there. for those of you who don't know my husband you may not know that his is a huge gift. he hates coffee, thinks spending money on it is ridiculous, he hates driving..and he hates food in his car..) so this was the gift of all gifts. Jack and Jon returned home to Max and I egarly awaiting some deliciousness. We had a great family breakfast and then Max presented me with my card from him. It had a dog on the front and it was in spanish. perfect. We then got ready for church and I made that all time mothering error just prior to walking out the door "lets take a picture" Alas, the one you see below was the best: Jack hiding and being mischevious, me talking (big surprise) and Max pitching a fit because he would have really preferred to be using the skateboard he saw off to the side instead. Such is life and the realities of mommyhood.

We headed to church and then embarked on a day of bbq's and family. We had a great lunch with Jon's parents, enjoyed their badmition net and got aquainted with the newest dog member of the family. After that we headed to my parents for some backyard baseball fun, dinner on the deck and delicious ice cream sandwiches (thanks Jon). We returned home, put children to bed and then i left a pile of dishes off to the side of the sink, sat down and read a book till bed time. It was a great day. And here is a special shout out to Jon...Thanks so much for letting me be mom, for letting me be home with our boys, and for doing such a great job of encouraging me as a mother. Thanks for sharing life and family with me. I am one lucky mom.