Saturday, May 9

" I know my mom well "

At Jack's mothers day tea yesterday each child made their mom a placemat.The placemat served as not only nice decoration but it contained a lovely picture that the child drew of himself and mom as well as his answers to some questions about mom. Here is Jack's:

I Know My Mom Well, by JACK

My mom is __15___ years old.

My mom is __15___ inches tall.

My mom's favorite color is ___orange___

My mom loves to eat __ ravioli___

My mom likes to __ play games and fold the laundry___

My mom looks pretty when __she gets dressed___

My mom likes me to help her ____fold the laundry and put Max to bed__

I wish mom would buy me _____Lego Starwars guys___

I love my mom because we ___sing songs every night____