Saturday, May 2

Signs of a Successfull Dinner

Tonight Jon and I hosted some friends for dinner and having the last of the friends just walk out the door we would call it a success. A few weeks ago Jon mentioned that he was getting a hankering to cook another of his tasty BonAppetite inspired meals..and thus my job was to round up some friends. We decided that tonight was the night for the world traveling/Canadian contingent from church. We invited our friends Lee&Shannon, Johnny&Marisa and Benton&Judy. ( I do feel compelled at this point to point out that Benton and Judy are at least in their sixties but some of the greatest folks we have come to know while at our church.We "heart" the Melbournes)We had a great time together and Jon put together a wonderful meal. On the menu: Tequila and Lime Glazed Chicken cooked on the BBQ, a jalapenos and bacon southern style cornbread, tasty salad and from scratch, hardcore, margaritas...which by my post you might be able to tell ..I am still feeling. It was a great meal, shared with good friends, old and new..and is just the beginning of the lyons family new commitment to quarterly dinner parties. Ahhh- see, now you are all hoping that you are on the invite list aren't you .