Monday, May 4

Oh Max!

Today I attmpted to take Max with me to the chiropractor minus the stroller and all it's lovely child containment straps. It did not go well. Luckily I have the greatest chiropractor and his wife, the receptionist is awesome. They found the whole debaucal very funny. When our time at the chiro ended Max had: sent the trifold screen that divides patients in the "roller room" crashing to the floor and breaking it into a gazillion pieces, he had visited all of the other patients rooms waving and saying hi all whilest he had a gnarly smelling load in his pants, and he had followed dr. murry from room to room saying "hi guy". ugh it was mortifying. I offered several times to just reschedule and leave but they kept laughing at Max and saying.."this is just fine, he is so cute and great entertainment.." Next time I will be bringing the stroller and a straight jacket.