Wednesday, June 10

Forts, Frogs & Fishing

To draw our busy weekend to a close we participated in our church's annual Forts, Frogs and Fishing. Thanks to a family a church and their excellent property following church we enjoyed a great picnic and a day spent outside. We enjoyed hanging with livestock, trying our hand at fishing and doing all things boy.There is no better combination than boys and dirt. It was great and left the boys adequately tired, which meant mommy and daddy could put them to bed early and enjoy take out on the couch. Excellent!

FAMILY FUN TIME: All the hub-bub of the weekend it was great to have a day to just hang with the family and to spend some one on one time with the boys.

FISHING FUN : Jack was easily bored with trying his had at fishing, while Max insisted that he get to hold his own pole. Long after Mom and Jack headed to find more fun, Max and Daddy could still be found lakeside.

TRACTOR RIDES: Both boys loved riding in the hay wagon up and down the long driveway. Thanks Ben.

GOATS: By far the most time spent anywhere was Max hanging out with the Goats. He loved them and was fearless. He was content to follow them all around the pasture.

FORTS: Jack enjoyed some time with the big kids constructing forts in the woods and riding the rope swing.