Sunday, June 14

Highlight of our Year

This weekend Jon and I attended our favorite event of the year , the :20 Funny Festival. It is a comedy show featuring several comedians sponsored by our local radio stations. For the last four years we have attended in honor of our anniversary. Once again this year our Saturday night was a hit and worth the wait. Good food, Good laughs and much fun. We started with a fantastic dinner at great resturant in Seattle, LoLa. The food was amazing and the resturant had a great ambiance. Then we walked around the city a bit and then off to the show.At the show we met up with our friend Jeff and Erinn. This year there were three comedians scheduled, the headliner whom we are a big fan of but also they promised that there would be a "special guest". It was our lucky night because the special guest was a hugely popular comedian named Mike Birbiglia. He is hysterical and this was the first chance we had to see him live. It was great. We drew the evening to a close with some tasty desert and then home we went. All ready the countdown has begun for next years show.

Here is a little highlight reel:

check out to make yourself a reservation at Lola

Our excitment 5 minutes prior to the show could not adequetly be captured on the terrible camera phone.

Settle in and Check out Mike Birbiglia

Funny Lady Kathleen Madigan