Wednesday, June 17

God's Hand of Protection

At 1:30 in the morning Jack appeared in our room and was crying. I got up and asked him what was wrong. " My blanket is stuck in my lamp, my blanket is stuck in his lamp". A little confused by his statement I started to follow him back to his room. As soon as we got into the hallway I could smell that something was burning. We rushed into his room. There we discovered that during the night his lamp (which is usually turned off) had tipped off the shelf and landed on his much beloved lightning mcqueen blanket. The blanket, the plastic of his lamp and his pillow were a large melty mess of fire danger. We quickly unplugged the lamp, rushed the pile into the bathroom and this is what we saw:

We immediately work Jon up, brought him into the the bathroom and showed him the mess. Then right there in the bathroom we prayed and thanked God for his hand of protection on Jack and our family. Jack was obviously shaken, having awoken to the smell of burning...but even more than that he was so distraught that the beloved blanket that mormor gave him is not salvageable, that brought a whole new round of tears. After we go the crying under control, Jack was not a big fan of sleeping by himself (understandable) and his room smelled awful, so we grabbed his sleeping back and Mom and Jack had a camp out on the floor down in the living room. So there it is, the recap of our exciting midnight happenings...and thank God, that that was all we had to deal with.