Monday, July 13

Latin Flair when He Fits

After being two for a month Max has hit the switch and decided to embrace his two-ness whole heartedly. The fits and tantrums have ramped up big time.

The littlest thing can set off a tyraid like no other. Max appears to be the kind of kiddo who just needs to let it all out (in a dramatic fashion) and then go about his business. Last week after throwing a fit about something minor I sent Max to sit on the bottom step, as per our routine. I returned to the kitchen and soon noticed that the noise of unhappiness was getting farther away. I followed the sound and found Max lying face down in our upstairs bathroom. There he continued his fit. I snapped a picture and then informed him that when he was done crying he could join us downstairs. 5 minutes latter Max appeared in the kitchen with a smile and a simple "hi mom". He was done and ready to move on.