Sunday, July 5

Oooo....Ahhhh | Happy 4th of July

In a word our fourth of july was: Low Key . (I guess that is two words)but it was just right for us this year. The boys are both running low grade temps and recovering from the roadtrip pandemonium and I (meg) am having a little back pain flare up, so low key was fine by us. Our morning was leisurely, Jon made his salsa, I made a tasty avocado,corn and blackbean dip, and then come 2 we headed to the Lyons for a little family bbq. As always tasty food was served, the kids got to play with cousin Madison, Jon and Jeff challenged one another to rounds of badmittion and we devoured Pop's famous "ice cones". We headed home around 6 for our own "fireworks" show. We set out a blanket in the front yard and Jon took is place on the sidewalk with the lighter. Now mind you, the works would have been much more of a wow had we waited till it was dark, but we need the boys to be in bed on time. And despite the sun still shining the boys were impressed with the show. After that it was off to bed for the boys, Mom and dad relaxed with books, and enjoyed the INSANE light and bomb-sounding display that our neighborhood puts on. All in all a great 4th.

While Jack loved the box...he was super nervous that this firework would be to loud. Luckily for him...we were all disappointed.

Max totally got into doing sparklers. I have a feeling that he may be our pyro.