Thursday, August 20

Bellingham Road Trip | The Fair

Wednesday morning the boys and I set out early to go to the BELLINGHAM, oh just a mere 2.5 hours away. Why you ask. Well because my little sister Kendra has worked her tail off over the last few weeks and this week to host the Habitat for Humanity | Build at the Fair event. We wanted to take a peek, support Kendra and visit some animals, so off we went. Kendra's booth(s) looked great. The boys and I signed "studs" at the house and then got to visit the fair with Kendra. The kittens, baby pigs and goats were absolute favorites. Then it was off to grab some lunch and settle into the grandstands to watch the draft horse demonstation, one of my personal favorites.AFter that it was off to sit in a hum-v, decorate tiles at the home depot booth, sit on a sheffif motorcycle and to the rides. Ahh yes rides. Auntie Kendra was nice enough to sponsor the rides. She and Jack ventured down the gigantic slide, through the "crazy house" and on the tea cups. Jack and I enjoyed the "screaming dragon rollercoster". Very fun. Max all this while sat content in his stroller watching the fun. After rides, it was back to work for Kendra and the boys and I finished up with some cotton candy, a snow cone and watching the "kids on unicyles" show. It was a great day, beautiful, hot weather and spending time with Kendra.