Tuesday, August 11

Happy Gotcha Day Max !

{hit the play button and turn up your speakers}

It was a year ago to day that Jon and I anxiously sat in our hotel room in Guatemala and waited for the call...the call that would say that our Max was down stairs in the lobby. The day was surreal. To finally be able to meet and to hold and to take home the little boy we had prayed for and loved from a far. This morning, as I type he is sitting across the table from me (in the exact same jammies he wore down there) eating a bowl of cheerios, talking to a lego guy and giving me the biggest milky grins every now and then. Max brings such joy to our lives. He has grown so much in the year that he has been home, He is not a baby, he is a kid....a kid who makes the Lyons house messier, louder, and oh so great. God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed Max Armando in our family. We are so greatful and feel so blessed that he is our son and we are his family.

Tonight we will celebrate "Gotcha Day" with a dinner of carne asada, corn on the cob (max's favorite) spanish rice, and dessert will be Tres Leche cake....yummy...and I suppose this mama should get to cooking.

Thanks Late Tuesday...for the tunes used with the video