Wednesday, August 5

Double Date | Lego Style

Late Sunday afternoon Jack and I departed on a double date with his good friend Jonathan and his mom Shelly. We went to the much longed for Lego store at Bellevue Square. Jonathan and Jack were both so excited and were at a loss as to where to start looking. At first Jack thought that he would "fill a cup", you purchase a cup and then can fill it with any random lego pieces that you want. But soon after our cup was full Jack noticed that Jonathan was going to purchase a set of StarWars Lego magnets/guys that included Yoda, Count Duku and Mace Jack also opted for that set. With both boys adequately lego-ed it was off to dinner. Of course since the evening was about the boys...we dined at Red Robin. It was such a great night of good Jack and Mom time. All night Jack wanted to hold my hand or say nice things to me..he got the whole date thing....which actually make this mama a little nervous...come 25...when I finally let him date.

Showing off their new lego loot

Boys ready for fries

Jonathan and his mom Shelly

as per mom and jack tradition we took one nice photo and one crazy photo. the crazy photo is always our favorite.