Monday, September 28

A New Kind of "Fun"

Let's just say this....I hate to run. Not a fan, never been good at it, it is hard on my body. But with that said, Sunday morning my sister Kendra, some of my lady friends and myself ran a 5k at a beautiful beach, Alki. The morning was sunny but super chilly when we first arrived. But by the time the race started the wind had settled and lets be honest by the end of the first mile, the breeze was just great. I ran with Kendra, she and I chatted, planned a 5k for her company and met our own personal run goals. It was good. After we all finished we hit a great local spot for some super tasty and well deserved breakfast. It was such a fun morning with fun that (drum roll please..) I just might find myself running again.

--stay tuned, later in the week there might be some action shots...if Kendra can figure out how to get them off the phone.