Friday, September 25

Tears Be Gone

Well it appears that all one needs to do to nip the whole crying before school habit jack has was to post about it. Thursday and Friday Jack rocked it. He did great. We even changed the routine up a bit friday and I drove him to school so that I could go to bible study right after and he rolled with it. He has asked to stay after school each day with a friend to play on the play ground and (drumroll please) today he came home with NO food in his lunch box. Yippee...but I will hold my breath because now it is the weekend and we have to start back over again come monday...but for now...we are two days tear free. It looks like StarWars episode 4 may be viewed next weekend.(fingers crossed)

-ps. thanks to all the kind "moms" who wrote this mama encouraging emails sharing the trials and tribulations that you all expreinced in your years of parenting...they were good for a laugh and good contained great advice.