Wednesday, September 23

Status Update | Jack & School

Well, we are into our second week of school....and it is a lot more difficult than we anticipated. Jack rocked it the first week. While nervous, he did not shed one tear on school property. All of that has changed with the second week. Monday = great tears, Tuesday = great tears, Wednesday= great tears. It is the classic child crying, mother speaking reassuring words as she untangles him from her leg and shoves him through the open door whilst saying " have a great day, I know you will do great". Jack's teacher is just the right amount of love/buck it up. She does a great job of encouraging Jack's natural leadership in the class and she assures me that he collects himself moments after he is in the door. Lunch continues to be a bit of struggle, as it is unstructured time...and thus he has time to "miss mom". We had grand plans for lunch meals...but alas he eats mearly one bite. But this lunch drama seems to be on the upswing as of today...with reports that he had a better lunch table demenor and was quickly engaged out on the playground. AHHH Mothering. I knew that it would be hard to have my kiddo at school all day, but I didn't realize how much my heart would hurt knowing that he feels much anxiety about learning the new grove of school. I know that in a week or two all of this will be behind us...and I also know that Jon and I and our "anxious genes" did this to our kiddo :) and we should be a bit surprised.But for now there is an ache while Jack is away and Max and I find ourselves praying for Jack through out the day and at the same time and excitement for the fun he will have once he can get over this. What I can say about this whole that it appears that Jack is at a great school. As we walk to school teachers of all kind call him by name, speak kindly and encouragingly to him and me, and there is a real sense of inclusion and family as I see all students engaging teachers with hugs and enthusiasm. While not one of our more uplifting blogs...this is life at the Lyons for now....and per request...we are keeping you posted. Should you find extra time in your day at 8:25 and 11:03 say a little prayer for Jack those are his transition times :)