Sunday, November 8

Big Game Fun

Sunday morning started like any other at our house. Jon was eating breakfast and reading the paper, I was checking facebook while I drank my coffee...but then our day got great. My aunt announced via facebook that she had two tickets to today's Seahawks game..and I jumped at the offer. Jon headed to church to meet the boys (who had slept over at his parents house) and I jumped into the car to go get the tickets which came with this awesome green hat that Jack loved...and placed carefully next to his bed once he returned home. After church Jon and Jack loaded into the car and headed to their first ever football game together. Jon and Jack got lunch found their way to the seats and settled in for the afternoon. The seats were great, the game was good and Jack and Jon both returned home tierd....and with horse voices. It was a great experience for the guys...Thanks so much Aunt Billie for the tickets.

*poor quality picks from Jack's very own camera *