Friday, November 27


There is much to be thankful for this year. Our family was able to spend the day together, eating,playing and celebrating.

Our morning began with Uncle Travis and Auntie Kendra joining us for breakfast, watching the parade and making items for the days feast. Kendra and I got to sit with the boys while Travis and Jon did their thing in the kitchen.

After the parade we made our way down to the hospital to welcome our new neice Avery. Born to my sister Heather and her husband Bobby. Mom and Baby are doing well. Jack loved getting the chance to hold Avery and Max loved her little nose. Congrats Bobby, Heather, Robby and Gavin...what a way to spend Thanksgiving.

After the hospital it was off to Feast with the family at Jon's parents house. It was a good spread with lots of friends and family. My favorites this year...cranberries and Jon's tasty green onion biscuts. Yum