Tuesday, November 24

Thanksgiving Crafts

Tuesday Jack had a half day at school due to confrences. With the boys home together that afternoon I thought maybe we should make a a simple little turkey craft and talk about what we were thankful for. The boys really enjoyed the craft and turned out some great turkeys.

Then Jack decided turkeys were not enough so he made: 4 pilgrims, 4 native americans, 1 mayflower, 1 thanksgiving table and 4 "scenes" for them. He then requested a box so that he could make all the pictures stand up. He then asked if I would make a sign and I happily abliged him. Wow, had a great time and I as his mama was super impressed by his creativity and persistance.

Jack and his rockin' Thanksgiving tribute

The Mayflower

A Pilgrim finding land

Hunting for food

A Thanksgiving Meal.

From our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving!