Sunday, November 1

Halloween Happenings

It is no secret that our house loves Halloween. It is my favorite because it kicks off the holiday season and a time were celebration is never more than four weeks away. This years Halloween happenings included Jack's class party, Trick or Treating at daddy's office, and hosting our annual Trick or Treat Dinner party. Grab the candy bucket and settle in for the recap and photo show.

Max and I got to join in the fun and help with Jack's class party. The kids wore costumes, did a couple spider crafts and played some games. Jack loved the party atmosphere and Max loved being one of the big kids. It was a good time.

Daddy's Office
Right after the party it was into the car, we were off to daddy's office for trick-or-treating. Microsoft goes all out and it was a real halloween hulubalu when we got there. We got to go see lots of cool decorations in the buildings and picked up a good amount of candy from each hallway and office. Jack especially loves to see Jon's office and the special badge that visitors get to wear. Max was a little taken aback with all the people and got several comments on his costume.

Trick-or-Treat Dinner
We hosted yet again our annual Trick-or-Treat dinner party. As always it was lots of fun. We invited family and some friends to join us for a simple low key dinner and then we head out into the neighborhood for the candy goods. It wase very fun to lots of Jack and Max's friends with us. Jack was totally into it this year. He was on a mission...get the house first. While still being poliet, Jack attacked each house using the fastest approach and departure routes. Max on the other hand took to every other house with a slow and relaxed pace. Jon and I took turns at the end of the party line with our little yoda. We returned home with tuckerd kids who dove into those buckes. Yet again neighborhood provide this mama with a dangerous amount of goodies that now sit in a pumpkin atop the fridge.

I think we need a bigger kitchen...I love having people over for a party.

All the kiddos ready to hit the streets..all the moms and dads capture the fun

Uncle Nic and Auntie Rachel were able to join the party. Very fun.

The after-glow of a night well done.

Really do you need an explanation? Being Mom is good.