Wednesday, November 18


I have been delinquent once again with blog posting..but to catch you up hre our the little surprises that have brough excitment to the lyons household.

[Suprise] Ear Infection
Friday night brought down Jack with a fever and Saturday morning started to early with some serious tears and complaints of the ear nature. The result Jack's first ear infection of the season. We checked into the nearby urgent care first thing saturday morning, got some meds and then spent the rest of the weekend at Camp Couch.What can be better than snuggled in, legos, story tapes and mom and dad at your beckon call.

[Suprise] Max sits still
Max has become obsessed with "projects" and all manner of glue, scissors and paper.He will sit for long periods of time making projects.He is very serious about his work and loves to show you each and every new aspect.

[Suprise] Rawgo
Auntie Kendra and Uncle Travis suprised us with pictures of their cute new Labradinger Dog "Rawgo". Jack and Max are sooo jealous and were very disappointed to learn that the dog will not be living with us, but rather Kendra and Travis. Jack has begun to yet again request a dog...and has settled to have this picture as my desktop image...for now at least.

[Suprise] HotCocoa Fun Day
After school today I suprised the boys with some hot chocolate and a trip to the park. We bundled up and joined some friends to enjoy cocoa and the crisp air. It was a good day.