Monday, November 23

Friday Fun Day

Last Friday I had the most amazing day with my sister Kendra and our friend MaryBeth. Here is how it all went down. A month ago I found out that my favorite singer Brandi Carlile was going to be doing an intimate acoustic concert and I was able to get 3 tickets. It just happen to be Kendra's Birthday and so we made it an all day affair.
Part One | Unique Concert

We arrived at the radio station to find that they are fantastic hosts. They welcomed us, had a nice food spread and a fantastic view too boot. We waited in this great room for about a half and hour with other guests (only about 25 other people)Then we were ushered into a lobby area with three rows of chairs, Brandi and her Band (ie two tall bald guys with guitars and a cello player). The lights went down, the record light went on and so did she. She played some songs and in between answered questions asked by the radio host. Her singing was AMAZING. In a room like that it was so awesome to just hear the true tone....incredible. Kendra, Beth and I just sat there in pure bliss. After her songs she then met us, signed posters and took pictures. It was great...well the picture not so much, but alas it is the radio station picture girl's fault. oh well. Listen in for yourself if you want right here. Click Here and push the play button.

Part Two | Deals, Drinks and Dinner

After the concert we hit the town, scored big at a huge old navy sale and then hit a great resturant for some food and drinks. We then headed up to Queen Anne in Seattle to have dinner with Genevive. She and Kendra were roomates the year before Kendra and Travis got married. At G's house we had some good laughs, great food and tasty cake. It was good fun.

Part Three | Mommy's hit the Movies
After dinner I said good-bye to Kendra and Beth who were both headed back towards Bellingham. I then met up with some ladies from church and took in a late showing of NewMoon, the latest in the Twilight series, based on books that held me captive last year. It was a great flick and perfect end to a great day.