Tuesday, December 22

Snowflake Lane

It has become a tradition for Jack, myself and my Mom to head up to a local event called Snowflake Lane. A local shopping center has a nightly music show that takes place on the sidewalk and involves "snow" that falls from the top of buildings. It lasts only about 15 minutes but is great fun and well done. Saturday night was the night. We donned our rain coats and headed out. Our plan was to have "good" dinner at a restaurant but after we heard "the wait is 2 hours" at four different places we gave in and settled for dinner at McDonalds. Jack was thrilled, mom a little bummed.
After our meal we took our places on sidewalk and enjoyed the show. After the street show we headed to crate and barrel so that Jack could chose this years ornament. The winner... a nutcracker wielding a sword- duh. To call the evening a night we headed back to the golden arches for hot fudge sundaes. Yeah for Snowflake Lane fun.