Tuesday, December 15

Urgent Care | Mom's Turn

Sunday I noticed that my thumb was tender due to a little split near my thumb nail, Monday I noticed that my thumb and my hand felt warm and throbed. Tuesday I awoke to my whole arm throbing and my thumb and hand swollen, tight and extrememly sensitive. So I paid a little visit to urgent care. Here is what my update email to Jon read tuesday afternoon :
Just got home.It was a whack fest.
Here is a recap of the morning.

A couple of shots…me passing out … the doctor having his way with the scalpel on my thumb….A massive bandage… 4 prescriptions….recommendations for splint and a sling……

The pain was legit…and so was my visit. The results are in = Nasty Staph infection.

Good times.

:> the wounded wife.
So there it is. Yeah staph. It appears I will be on antibiotics for the next 12 days,
It is recommended that I wear the bandage and a sling (to help with the pain) for the next 4 days....and then we should be good with topical cream and band aids till complete healing in 10 days.

Good thing the wrapping is done.