Sunday, January 10

Surprise Man Fun

Oh the Lyons men are giddy, spring training for mariner's baseball is right around the corner and Jack and Jon are headed there. Yahoo. Last week while lunching with the mother in law I learned that there were rumblings of a trip down to Arizona to visit Grandma Shirley, Aunt Peggy and to attend Spring Training. Like any good wife/mom I immediately asked if "my boys" could go along too. We enjoyed our trip there when Jack was just a baby and I knew that Jack and Jon would have such a great adventure together.What a special dad and Jack time. Arrangements were made and yesterday morning we informed Jack that in a mere 60 days he would be getting on a plane, staying at a hotel, visiting grandma shirley and watching baseball up close and personal. He is so excited... (Jon is too). Now we have 60 days to get Jack indoctrinated with all things Mariner baseball.