Tuesday, February 16

Vacation Day Two: Ice Skating

Inspired by the Olympics Jack has been asking to try his hand at ice skating. (He also asked when we could go ski jumping...)Today was the day. We hit the local rink,minus Max and happen to run into a few friends. I did not hold very high expectations of Jack. Ice Skating can be a bit tricky. But Jack ROCKED. He was patient with himself, persistent and uncharacteristically adventurous. He kept asking if we could stay longer. Long after the friends left there was Jack tooling around the rink with determination. Going longer and longer stretches of not hanging onto the wall. We had a great time together. He asked if we could return tomorrow. Unfortunately no, it is back to school. But we will certainly be rink bound again soon.

Jack and Pals sitting for just a moment

Watching the Zambonie...classic ice skating fun

Took just a short break to refuel with quality snacks

Out for the final lap..look how far off the wall he is.