Thursday, February 18

All in a day

Occasionally people will say to me as Max is holding my hand and bouncing up and down: "Wow, he is always on the go". And YES, Yes he is. Yesterday was one of those days. Max was bound and determined to keep this mama hopping. Here is just a little recap.

-While I was folding laundry on the kitchen table he decided he was done with his partially eaten yogurt and thus threw it on to the pile of clean clothes.

- While I was taking the recycle out to the large bin , he filled a dump truck with dirty rocks and brought it into the house...and then proceeded to unload them in the downstairs toilet.

- Then while I was on the phone for something important Max had a run in with corner of the antique trunk resulting in a large scrape from his cheek to his eye.

- Just moments before walking out the door to get Jack from school I placed the fully clothed Max on the bottom step with a bag of fruit snacks and told him "sit" while i ran upstairs to use the bathroom. Now let me tell you thanks to being a mom I a quick pee. I was gone for a mere three minutes ...but alas that was enough time for Max. I found him stripped down to his shirt and diaper, running on a track made of foil around the house.

Oh, Max it is all in a day! It is a wild ride being mom to this boy and I wouldn't trade it for anything...but a nap every now and then, would be fun.