Tuesday, March 2

Italy 101

Saturday Night Jon cooked up a feast in honor of our first Spain/Italy Hiking Trip Planning Meeting that is upcoming in September 2011. Now while we are way in advance of actual departure, there is a lot to be learned and planned in the mean time. We are excited because for us it will be our first trip to Europe. But also because it will be a unique experience to travel with three other couples. It is neat because there are four decades represented in the trip. 30s,40s,50s, & 60s. Our fearless leader is Benton and his wife Judy. Old Hats when it comes to European Travel Benton came to dinner with handouts, tour books and even his map. Over a wonderfully tasty Italian inspired dinner that Jon so lovingly slaved over all day Saturday we talked about the ins and outs of our trip. We will meet again every other month to share a meal and to plan some more. I promise I won't bore you with photos or posts from every meeting and meal, but since this was the kick off I deemed it blog worthy.