Tuesday, March 30

The Whole Fam-Damly

Yup. The whole freakin family gathered this last weekend. It was great fun. It is rare to have visits from the mid-west/east coast clan but this weekend they all made their way to Jeff and Robins house. We had a great breakfast at our house Saturday morning with Scott/Kathy, the great grandparents, Aunt Stacy and Jon's Parents. Then sunday after church when Jon,Sue and Senya made it to town we had a classic Lyons BBQ. Yum. It was a sweet time to introduce our boys to their great aunts and uncles. And the boys always love to play with cousin Madi. Here are just a few pics from the front yard family photo session.

Uncle Jon, Aunt Sue and Cousin Senya (Minnesota)

Uncle Scott and Aunt Kathy (Maryland)

Robin with her siblings: Jon, Scott,and Stacy along with their parents

Attempt at a family photo

Jack, Max and Cousin Madi

Kiddos with Great Grandpa Chuck