Thursday, March 25

Niave Dreams...Reality Unleashed

So when I dreamed of myself as a mother and thought about what it would be like to have a kiddo...I will admit that I often pictured my kiddo wearing a fresh pressed button down shirt with rolled sleeves, paired with a great fashion jean and a classic shoe like converse. Pretty much take any kid from a gap commercial or pottery barn ad and that was what I pictured. Oh naive was I.

Any "experienced" mother is laughing her head off right now, and to be honest so am I. As I have been a mother I have had no greater pleasure or had more laughs and true joy then when my children have dressed themselves and been so proud of themeselves. Today was such a day for Max. Yesterday he was excited when I unloaded a box of hand-me-down clothes which happen to contain some Thomas the Train PJs. Today, Max changed out of his mom approved outfit and into his Thomas Shirt and "Pants" shortly before we left for school. Then he emerged from the laundry room with his boots and said " I ready mom. I have a great day." Far be it from me to crush his little independent self (this time). So away we went with our day. All day long, every errand run in Max's much loved Thomas "Shirt and Pants". Yup it was a good day..and my reality FAR SURPASSES my naive dreams.