Thursday, April 22

Two of Max's Favorite Things

I so love Max. The kiddo bring me laughs and joy each day. To continue with this weeks blog focus on Max lets highlight a few of Max's favorite things.

1. Max loves to eat. While this could be a problem, this kid by choice loves to pick a snack from the fridge on his own and he always chooses something healthy. He LOVES peppers, and will eat them like an apple. He also pears, cucumbers, yogurt, turkey, cheese, snap peas, olives and bananas.

2. Max loves to read. He reads all the time and is super intent at looking at the pictures and talking about the pictures.

3. Max loves to dress himself. From shirt to shoes, it is all about choosing what he wants to wear, and he will change his clothes through out the day. Currently he is especially loves some plaid slip on shoes and his starwars shirt.

4. Max has discovered the joy of puzzles. He takes great pride in doing them the first tiem with you.....but then only by himself. He will stand at the kitchen counter and doing puzzle after puzzle, again intently looking and talking about the pictures. His new hobby sure makes things like making dinner and kitchen chores a lot easier. Now that he is entertianed.

5. Max loves his friends. He has begun to name his friends, talk about his friends and you can get him to put shoes on in no time if you tell him that one of his friends are going to be their.

Max is a Joy! How stinking lucky am I to call him son.