Saturday, May 1

Going Green and Chicken Pickin'

It's a big weekend at the Lyons house and the boys are both super excited about it.
First off, it adios to Jack's fire truck bedroom and hello XBOX green. That is right Jack has gone green...florescent green, with a blue stripe in the middle. While Jon is hard at work in the painting of Jack's room and final pictures will not be ready until at least Monday here is a little sneak peek.

While Jon was hard at work painting today the boys and I headed over to my parents house to do some Chicken Pickin. Last week my parents built a coop and today each grandson got to go with Morfar to the farm to pick out his own chicken. Max and Jack were so excited and cannon wait to spend many a day watching the chickens and collecting eggs. The best part of the whole thing was the picking of names.

Jack, Max and Morfar looking carefully over the selection.

The boys making sure the chickens were okay for the ride home.

Jack with his chicken "Miss Astro..or Miss A"

Max and his chicken "Mavis"

Here are all the ladies: Lucy, Hattie, Miss A and Mavis.