Tuesday, May 4

It's Good to Have Friends

and tonight..the friend that gets the shout out is (drumroll please) it'a Shelly.
Shelly came this evening to go walking. You know, a nice relaxing stroll around the neighborhood. About half way through the walk, it started raining..then pouring...then massive hail chunks came and pounded us. Both Shelly and I try to avoid running at all costs, but we were soaked, the air was cold and the hail came fast, heavy and sharp and so we then had to run the rest of the way home...including our run up the massive hill. Yup, we did it...and we laughed our way home. Tonight was just one example of why I love my friends. Thank Shelly..it was great fun.(PS) the pictures do not do the hail justice. The driveway was covered, the hail was huge and our clothes were SOOO Wet.