Saturday, May 8

Opening Day

It was a big Saturday here at the Lyons house. The weather was beautiful for opening day of baseball. Jack was thrilled to be there and was excited the whole game. Wow! what a difference a year makes. Jas was engaged the whole time. He was anticipating plays and was running the whole time. His first two at bats he got hits off the tee, but his final at bat he had a great hit off a coach pitch. A great way to end the game. We were excited that once again he is playing with his friend Jonathan. Thanks to Nan, Pop and Uncle Nic for attending the first game.

After the game Uncle Nic brought his new dog Angus over to visit. To say that the boys LOVED the dog is an understatement. They had a great time in the back yard, walked him around the block and even wrestled with him inside. Thanks Uncle Nic for the visit and thanks Angus...for the patience.