Tuesday, June 15

Triathlon Tuesday: Excited to DO

So the whole team set out last night to put some miles on the bikes. We had a great ride and truly enjoyed ourselves. This morning our backsides are reminding us of the good time we had. Each of us commented as we were setting out how excited we were to be training. This had caught each of us by surprise because none of us are athletes. But lots factored into our excitement. The chance to push ourselves physically, to get spend time with one another but also and most importantly each of us is so excited about "DOING SOMETHING" to make our world better and to help families live FULL and HEALTHY LIVES. Below is a quick clip about how World Vision will use the funds we raise during our training and participating in the upcoming triathlon to build a well in an African community. Take a minute to watch how clean water transforms lives.

Our purpose in partnering with World Vision for this Triathlon is two fold: Awareness and Action. We hope that in our training, sharing with friends and Tuesday Blogging to bring the issue of water to people's attention. It is to big of an issue to be overlooked or ignored. And we hope that awareness prompts ACTION. If you would like to donate to our cause and help us raise the needed funds to build a well, and bring clean water to a community please click on the picture on the left side bar to place an online donation specificlly for our team. (water mama's of cedarcreek covenant church, maple valley.) We are so appreciative and thank you in advance. Any amount...event pennies can and WILL make a difference.