Wednesday, June 16

Daddy takes us out!

Last night the family got to enjoy one of the perks of Jon's job. We got to attend the Premier of the new device called Kinect. This device allows you to play active games without a controller. The whole game is by your body. It is super cool. Microsoft rented out the Lincoln plaza Cinemas at Bell Square. When we arrived, they had us walk the "purple" carpet in front of the xbox banner and have our photos taken....if I had known, maybe Max would not have worn his orange socks. After our photo it was into the theater where we could help ourselves to anything we wanted from the concessions stand. The boys loved that. For dinner they enjoyed: Nachos, Iccee Slushies and Popcorn. Yup, good mom award for sure. Then we watched on the big screen a very cool performance by Cirque Du Soleil. As we left we given fantastic goodie bags with a ton of great stickers that Jack has already put up on his wall. The boys loved the night. They enjoyed all of it...and that has got to make a daddy feel good. Thanks Jon, for how hard you work and for letting us share in this fun with you.