Tuesday, July 6

Alki Sunshine

We have been at a loss for sunshine and warm weather for here in the northwest for the months of May and June. Often we would look out side and think it was November. But at last the sun shone bright and so the boys and I joined some friends for the inagural trip to our favorite summer hang out. We hit Alki, in Seattle and enjoyed some serious sun and sand. The boys ran and played, buried one anther in the sand and then demanded our favorite part: fish and chips from Spud's. It was a great day and a fantastic way to kick off what appears to be a week full of super high temps. Hooray for sunshine.

Rowan sporting her super cute sun hat

Jack thrilled to be sitting in a pile of sand.

Max and Regan working hard on some sort of sand creation.

Truly enjoying their fish and chips. Ahh these fish loving boys make their mama proud.

Just two mom's catching some raise and enjoying the perks of being stay at home moms.