Wednesday, June 30

Delinquent Mom Episode Two

So with summer now in full swing the boys are enjoying their "free" time. The weather in our neck of the woods has not been cooperative thus far, but any time it is warmer than 60 degrees and the sun shines albeit for only a few brief moments the boys haul out the suits, goggles and sprinkler. They also spend a majority of their time asking for another otter pop...and who am I to say no. We purchased the Costco box and now my garge freezer has only a mere 351 left...oops...350. Last week cousin Madison came for day and the three kids had a blast in the yard all afternoon.

Another nod to summer and it's lovely unstructured self was the recent change in lyons boy hair care: they opted for mohawks at our last visit to Mrs. Johnson's house of hair. It was Jack that was the initiator, he opting first and then us saying why not and cutting Max's hair the same. But alas after a few days we have learned that Jack's hair is way to thick and heavy and not suited to the hawk. So now it is only Max with the do.

And yes, this summer we will be addressing Max and his so called smile. He has a fantastic unprompted smile that just screams Joy...but you ask the kid to smile and it is as if he is passing a stone....ugh.

Saturday Jack had his final baseball game and did a fantastic job. He really enjoyed himself this year and it was so great to watch. Making catches, learning positions and making great fun to see. He had a great time with his friend Jonathan from church being on his team and all the parents agreed that the coaches made this year a great success. Jack mind you thinks that this was the best year ever because he walked away with his biggest trophy yet.

But Jon and I agree that it was his coaches, a husband and wife duo, that make this year fun. They were great with the kids. Helped the kids to understand the game of baseball but also working to help each kid make progress wherever they were at. They were also super encouraging with their words, generous with compliments and helped kids to play up and and stay engaged in the game. We could not have been more thrilled.

So there are the happenings of summer thus far for the Lyons. Next week, have no fear the blog will be a blaze as we recount the day by day happenings of Family Camp. We are headed there today and look forward to sharing some pictures and stories very soon.

Also, Triathlon Tuesday will be back next week (drumroll please) with a special guest post from some of our team members. But if you just can't take the suspense and need something to tie you over, grab a beverage and maybe a snack and click here to view a video that was shown at our church last week. It is 25 minutes long but addresses how people at our church are hearing God challenge them to move to places of action when it comes to social justice. Our triathlon team is featured and addresses how and why we decided to take a triathlon on.