Saturday, January 5

Adoption Update

Today marks Max's seven month birthday.(UGGGHHH.. We are so anxious to have him home)He continues to be developing well and is in great health. On the adoption front there is big news in PGN (our final stop in the process). As of January 2nd PGN has shut down and is no longer taking new applications and if you have been kicked out you cannot be resubmitted at this time. We were one of the final families to enter PGN. Currently our case is safe. However it is now more than every very important that we do not get "kicked-out" of PGN. Please join us as we pray that our case is reviewed promptly and that we don't get kicked out. It is uncertain at this time when PGN will reopen. It most likely will be several months as the new President takes office and they set in to place some of the Hauge Convention implementations. We covet your prayers and we will keep you posted.