Monday, January 7

Who gets the banana baby?

Jack has the latest picture of Max in his bedroom. Sometimes it is on his bulletin board, other times it is a book mark, other times it is shoved under his bed. (Ahh brotherly love). This morning Jack called me into his room. He was on his bed looking at the Max picture. "Mom" he said " Who gets the banana baby?". For a moment I was confused, then I looked again at the picture. In every picture we get of Max he is sitting on a check up table in front of Anne Gedes style pictures with babies dressed up like giant fruits. One is an apple, one a bunch of grapes and one is a banana. Jack pointed to the picture of the baby dressed as a banana and again asked "Mom, who gets the banana baby?". I explained that the babies were wearing costumes and they were just pictures. He responded " Oh. Okay....(pause).... it would be okay if we did get a banana baby. Daddy and me love bananas."