Thursday, January 3


In a slight continuation to yesterdays tale regarding markers, a face, and the four year old desire to save a princess let me share a little incident that happen today and made me feel a little better. Today Jack and I enjoyed some time a the library. After we had chosen our books and tapes for this go-round Jack played a computer game while I read through the books we had chosen. ( I have learned the hard way that some books are just lame and others are way to annoying to bring home for bedtime - therefore I try to nip those ones in the bud.) While I stand there reading a mother with a cute little girl says to me in a little whisper.."Is he an Indian?" Surprised to find a fellow mother with a "marked" child I eagerly respond "Yes. Yes he is." She nods, smiles and says " My little Indian had marks on his arms, tummy and are lucky it is just the face." Lucky it is just the face? Now there is making lemonade out of lemons.