Friday, January 11

A Hard Days Work

This morning Jack decided that he wanted to play office.I think that this has been fueled by the fact that he has been reading books about a busy mouse who works in a newspaper office. He wanted to be a "sir" that had lots of gold and that went on "many travels to the pyramids of Egypt" and that wore a tie. This office play lasted for an amazing 2 hours (I was SHOCKED)Jack sat for a while at his desk and did some writting and stamping on important forms. He brought his assistant (aka his lovely mother who was happy to assist in between scrubbing toliets, wiping down the showers and moping bathroom floors) some documents to mail and to sign as well as preparing travel plans. He enjoyed a coffee break with apple juice and goldfish crackers. A little before noon he spent some time writting letters to his friends and resting before "his long hard trip to Egypt". So much to do. So little time. Ahh, the such is the life of an important "sir".