Thursday, January 10

Yeah Shinny Teeth

Jack has caught onto the world of blogging. He enjoys looking at the pictures especially. As we speak he is trying to decide on the name for his blog so that he can do some writing of his own. We shall see. So when we set about our morning Jack asked me if I had my camera. He wanted to make sure that if something exciting happened "we could put it on the computer". So per Jack's request I now present our exciting day (drumroll please) TA-DA : Jack had an appointment at the dentist this morning. He handled it like a pro. He had his moth open before his butt even hit the chair. Jack sees a Pediatric dentist and even though he loves it,I his mommy am a little creeped out when I am there. The room is brightly colored and has odd shaped furniture. The assistants and the dentist are overly friendly, have huge,perfect smiles. They wear kid themed smocks and crazy shoes. While they clean the childs teeth they sing disney tunes, the have tools named "magic straw" and the "tooth tickler". While a bit overwhelming to the adult senses in the end my kid loves the dentist, sheds not one tear and will actually sit still an let a strange crazy lady put her hands all in his mouth with no threat of to that...Yeah Shinny Teeth!