Sunday, January 13

A Little Bit of Sunshine

After much rain and gray sky, today the sunshine broke through. All day the sun's sweet rays were upon us and the temperature outside actually hit above 50 for more than an hour. In celebration of this we put on layers of fleece and hit the road for a beautiful drive to Snoqualmie falls. There we met about 300 of our closet friends who also had the same sun starved brilliant idea. We watched the falls, the squirrels and the tourists. How spoiled are we that the beautiful falls are in our very own backyard (so to speak). Jack loves the falls and we love to hike down to the falls, but due to all the recent rain the trails were closed today. To meet our need to hike we loaded back into the car, drove 5 minutes up the road to the Ridge at Snoqualmie. We walked the neighborhoods, looked at the beautiful mountains and found a fun park. The hours of sunshine made me long for the spring and for summer. We shall see how my tune changes come mid July and all the heat.

Sidenote-Jack has entered the famous and oh so lovely "Lyons Boy" stage of life where when asked to have his picture taken he gives funny & half hearted smiles...or he refuses to make eye contact with the picture taker. This photo loving mama though refuses to let that put a damper on picutres...we will just click through this all the others!