Wednesday, August 13

DAY Five: Details Galore....and Visa

What is a mom couped up in a hotel room to do when her new kiddo is alseep...well other than stare at of course. For the detail crazy and the grandparents this post is for you. For others, scroll down to 4pm for the days headline.

Max woke up. Little tears and little wimpers.Sat with mommy, fell back asleep.

Max woke up ready to play. Lights on.Snuggled with Daddy. Mom hopped in shower.

Played with Mom after she finally dried her hair.much relieved that "regular mom" returned with out the towel on her head.Daddy showered.

Into clothes that are way to big. Played ball and had a little milk.

Venture down to breakfast. Lots of oohhs and ahhs from the waitstaff. Enjoyed pancakes, cantelope,banana.He likes trying to use a spoon and likes napkins.

Back up to the room. Max played with the books and toys.Mommy and Daddy stared at each other. What should we do?

Load Max into the backpack and ventured out and about in the neighborhood. Found some cute stores, the Westing, McDonalds and decided that we would go out later in the afternoon. Ahhed once again by the lack of traffic rules and the black exhaust that comes from the "city" buses.

Return back to the room. Max slept on mommy and mommy watched a tv show.

Venture out to the hallway. Played ball. Saw the neighbors.

Back into the room. Max took a bath, he was not so sure about bubbles,but eventually came to enjoy them. Enjoyed family time in the room.Max was content to play. Mommy and daddy willed the day to go faster by beginning to pack items and reorganize for the trip home. Did not last nearly as long as we hoped.

Went for a walk around the hotel courtyard and chatted with Roberto our new best friend bellboy to arrange Jon's taxi to the embassy this afternoon.

Return to the room. Max had a bottle and fell asleep for the afternoon nap. Mom and dad hope on the bed, check email, watch tv on their zunes (lifesavers for this hotel time we have been doing)Enjoyed the sounds and sights of the daily Guatemalan thunderstorm. They are loud but short lived. And the rain comes HARD and fast.

Jon departs for the embassy. Nervous about riding the taxi there, getting it and finding his way home.

Max awakens just as the door opens. JON IS HOME WITH A VISA!!!!!!!! All went well at the embassy and we are good to fly out tomorrow.

We set out on the town…we a one block radius in search of a place to eat authentic food in celebration of our nearing departure. We found a great little place with good food and now we pray that no one in the family suffers tomorrow 


We are back and the room, we are beginning to pack up and getting Max ready for bed.

It has been a good day. We are so excited to come home.
We will fly out tomorrow and arrive home at sea-tac at 11:30pm.
We would appreciate prayers for continued health, great sleep tonight, and a very cooperative and go with the flow Max on the flights tomorrow. We are so excited to see you all very soon.Thanks so much for sharing in this journey with us. We love you!