Friday, August 15

We are HOME.

Yesterday was a wirlwind of travel and at the end of it all we have just one thing to say. MAX ROCKS. He did an excellent job.Our journey started with a police escort to the airport. This is typical practice in Guatemala City, but for Jon, Max and I it was surprising treatment. We arrived at the Guatemala Airport, actually a very nice facility and made our way to our gate. Max loved all the large windows and looking at the planes, as well as making the rounds and greeting people. The waiting area at the airport was like an embassy reunion, we sat with several other families we had met days earlier.

We loaded onto the first plane with 5 other adoptive families. We were a little hesitant about how the flight would go.......the result....awesome sleep.He slept on both flights (without the aid of medications). At each airport he was friendly and going and played happily. We easily cleared immigration with very friendly attendants in Houston. It is official he is ours and here on US soil.

The boarder our Texas flight, not sure if he would sleep another set .....he was begging for a bottle and his blanket and before we pulled away from the gate he was out.When arrived home at 11:49 pm last night and as we made our way to baggage Max woke up and was able to meet Mormor, Morfar, Auntie Kendra and Uncle Travis. We then placed him in a carseat for the first time in his young life. He is not sure he really likes it as of yet. He bounded into the house with lots of energy and it was obvious that he would not be going to bed. Who could blame him, he had slept during the day so much. So Max and Mommy spent the first night in his new house watching the olympics at 2am and playing with toys in the living room. Around 5am he decided he was tired and he easily went to bed.

Come 8:30am the family awoke and waited for brother Jack to come and meet Max. Max sure likes Jack, and thinks he is funny. They have played all sorts of things in just this short time. We have had a few visitors today and that has been fun. We are just settling in as a family of four. We will keep you posted