Tuesday, August 12

More Day Four

This afternoon Max took his bath and LOVED it. He is very much a splasher. His hair is very long and very fine. He has quiet the mop atop his head. I may be making a hair appointment very soon. We entertained ourselves this afternoon by walking several laps around the hotel. We played lots of ball and lots of "try and put on daddy's shoes". We have a windo in our room that overlooks a very busy street and that is good entertainment. Max watches the cars, Jon and I keep our eye on the several armed police that stay camped outside. We have given up on eating hotel food and have opted for fully cooked american food instead. Yesterday we had McDonalds delivered to our room (crazy huh) and tonight we had dominos pizza. Much to our surprise...tuesdays in Guatemala is Two-for-One Tuesday. So we had two pizzas delivered. We ate it up. While we ate dinner we noticed that Max is drawn to coke. He kept chasing Jon or I down, pointing and making a sucking noise. Luckily he was easliy swayed and settled for waterdown grapejuice instead. Just before bed tonight, Max and I played ball in long hall outside our room. We met a family who just moved in next door. They adopted a 13 mo girl whom they just met today. They also brought with them their 4 1/2 year old son. We are hoping to play in the hall with them tomorrow. Well that is about it. The exciting happenings of hotel life with Max. He really is doing well and we pray that he continues to do a great job and get good sleep. We will share more tomorrow!