Tuesday, August 12

DAY FOUR: Embassy

Max went to bed with not problems last night wearing the jungle pj's from the nultons. thanks nultons. He did wake up twice with little crying but was easily consoled and went back to sleep. We awoke early, got ready, woke Max and his big bed head up, and departed for the embassy. While the waiting was long, the process was easy and we got to chat with several other families waiting. Max did a great job waiting. He and jon walked around the room, looked at pictures and plants and things outside and visited with small kids. We got the approval stamp on our paperwork without an issue. Jon will go back tomorrow with all the other dads for the pick up of the visa. While we think we are out of the woods, prayers are still appreciated. We have now returned to the hotel where we will just hang out for the rest of the day. A bath for Max is on the agenda. According to foster mom he loves baths. Currently he and Jon are playing ball and we are working on drinking out of a sippy cup. ** sidenote, I am feeling better. not great. but not nearly as bad as it was.**
Should something exciting our extreamly cute happy...have no worries, we will post.